We are fashion

we are fashion

Since 1995
Privately-owned, "Urban Apparel" is a highly regarded apparel manufacturer focused on the production of private-label apparel - knit and woven - for major retailers. We offer unsurpassed design and development capabilities in addition to quick-turn production. We also maintain a Sample Room in the heart of NYC in support of our client's fast-turn samples needs.

urban means fashion

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    Urban Apparel's owners have over 90 years of combined experience providing development, sourcing and production for global retailers. We built our business on behalf of the most recognizable brands. Our expertise in woven and knits, and our innovation and technical execution demonstrate strength in every aspect of product development.
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    Our New York Sample Room means reduced production lead-times even when manufacturing is placed in overseas factories.
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    We understand our customers and their brands because we design and enhance their brands together with them - Our products become an extension of their brands, and us of them.
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    We are committed to ensure that all our garments are produced in safe working environments with full regard to fair wages and human rights. Our staff regularly inspects all production facilities on an unannounced basis to review our contractors' employment records and factory conditions.


DECEMBER 18, 2011


After months of Research & Development, Urban Apparel is proud to announce that it has completed its "Private VPN" web site for partners.

The new site will allow privileged overseas partners access to all internal technical specs and thus work much more tightly and in an integrated fashion with New York headquarter in bringing you the best quality, faster, around the clock.